That Damn Maid!

Before the founders knew the advantages of using a bank, their stored their sales proceeds in a canning jar and hid it in the Davidson’s family pantry.  Unfortunately, the maid that was hired by Margaret Davidson to clean up the boys’ dirt and grease, discovered the stash and stole it.  They quickly learned their lesson and Sister Bessie kept the books and the loot was in the bank!  The boys’ re-payed her with a college education…

Their “Honey Uncle”, Bill Harley gave the Davidson brothers some money and they purchased the land on Chestnut Street in Milwaukee.  In 1906, the REAL factory was built.It was 28 x 80 feet but allowed them so much more production room.  Unfortunately, they built part of the building on railroad-owned land.  So, to remedy the problem, all of the employees gathered outside to lift the building and move it over about a foot!  Soon after this, it was renamed Juneau Avenue…this is where corporate resides today.


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